SloMo study #2

Posted by On Jan 19, 2019 In Uncategorized

This piece was performed it at NIME 2018 (both at the Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center and at the NIME performance night organised by University of Virginia in Charlottesville) and at MOCO 2018, held at InfoMus – Casa Paganini.

I composed SloMo study #2 to explore the use of slow and microscopic body movements in electronic music performance, and the role of rhythmic visual cues and breathing in the perception of movement and time. To do so, I used wearable sensors (the EMG sensors and IMUs found in Myo armbands), variable-frequency stroboscopic lights, an electronic stethoscope, and a body-worn camera for face tracking.

Here is a short video excerpt that I used to accompany my NIME and MOCO submissions. It has been lying dormant as an unlisted video in my YouTube channel for year, so I guess it’s about time to publish it.

Speaking of NIME, I’m going to be a Music co-chair for NIME 2019 and I’m really looking forward to seeing what NIME artists have come up with this year.