Bio / CV

Federico Visi (he/they) is a researcher, composer and performer based in Berlin, Germany. He carried out his doctoral research on instrumental music and body movement at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR), University of Plymouth, UK. His research interests include gesture in music, motion-sensing technologies, interactive machine learning, and embodied interaction. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at several European universities, most recently Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) and Goldsmiths, University of London (UK). His research has been published in international academic journals, edited books, and conferences. He currently teaches and carries out research at Universität der Künste Berlin. His work as a performer is centred on the use of body movement and physiological signals in electronic music. Under the moniker AQAXA, they released an EP in which they combine conventional electronic music production techniques with the exploration of personal sonic memories by means of machine learning algorithms.