At New York University to work on sensors for music performance – pt. 5: tests with musicians

Some experiments I did together with Andrew Telichan Phillips and some very nice and talented musicians at NYU Steinhardt and at The Sweatshop.
We used Myo sensor armbands and Machine Learning to adapt control parameters to the movements of musicians playing different musical instruments.

Alto Sax: Ana Garcia
Drums: Kim Deuss
Tenor Sax: Timo Vollbrecht
Flute: Rachel Bittner

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This project is supported by Santander Universities and it’s a collaboration between Federico Visi, who is currently carrying out his doctoral research at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR), Plymouth University (UK) under the supervision of Prof Eduardo Reck Miranda and Andrew Telichan Phillips, who is currently carrying out his doctoral research at NYU under the supervision of Dr. Tae Hong Park.