Building a swarm poly synth using Max 8 new MC objects

I just downloaded the new Max 8 and here is a simple synth I built using the new MC (multichannel) objects. Each voice has 32 sawtooth oscillators, so with 6-voice polyphony you can get up to 192 oscillators playing at the same time. The dials control pitch spread and “deviated” release (meaning that each oscillator inside each voice will have a slightly different release time).

Since few people on social media asked me to share the patch, I made it available for download here. EDIT: I moved the files to GitHub:

NOTE: the patch is a quick and dirty experiment I did to try out the sound synthesis capabilities of the MC objects in Max 8. It is not a finished instrument and has some inconsistencies that should be fixed. You’re very welcome to edit the patch and get in touch to share ideas, although be aware that I might not have the time to provide technical support.