Unfolding | Clusters presented at SoniHED York

A full paper about Unfolding | Cluster (an installation about ALS) was presented at the SoniHED Conference in York.
You can download the full PDF here.


Unfolding | Clusters is a music and visual media installation modeled from published scientific data related to the pathophysiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The work aims to create an engaging multimodal experience useful for raising awareness in the greater public about the disease and its scientific process. This paper describes the motivation behind the adoption of a musification approach and the musical criteria applied to the data mapping process. Details regarding the mapping structure are illustrated in relation to the different phases of the progress of the disease. The results are then discussed, noting that adopting a musification approach not only helped in obtaining a more engaging audience experience but also in providing expressive solutions that would be useful for modeling other complex biomedical data and processes.

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