Paper presentation at CMMR 2015

Here you can download the paper I presented at CMMR 2015 in collaboration with Esther Coorevits from IPEM, Ghent University, and Rodrigo Schramm from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

It’s titled Instrumental Movements of Neophytes: Analysis of Movement Periodicities, Commonalities and Individualities in Mimed Violin Performance here is the abstract:

Body movement and embodied knowledge play an impor- tant part in how we express and understand music. The gestures of a musician playing an instrument are part of a shared knowledge that contributes to musical expressivity by building expectations and influencing perception. In this study, we investigate the extent in which the movement vocabulary of violin performance is part of the embodied knowledge of individuals with no experience in playing the instrument. We asked people who cannot play the violin to mime a performance along an audio excerpt recorded by an expert. They do so by using a silent violin, specifically modified to be more accessible to neophytes. Preliminary motion data analyses suggest that, despite the individuality of each performance, there is a certain consistency among participants in terms of overall rhythmic resonance with the music and movement in response to melodic phrasing. Individualities and commonalities are then analysed using Functional Principal Component Analysis.



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